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Some of My Jazz Tunes:

  El_Banõ 'Cause that's where it was written :)
  Mr_Move My arrangement of a tune written by Ken Scott - recorded by Maydwell
  Some_Day Was fiddling around with a I vi IV V progression and this just sorta popped out.
Rosie Maydwell Mix Saw a guitar that I had to have, but when I went back to the store to buy it, it was gone. So, all dejected, I went home, dusted off my old Yamaha Les Paul "Rosie" and wrote and recorded this song in a single setting. I hadn't played Rosie in over 10 years and fell in love with the guitar all over again. Next week, I went out and bought another guitar - I'm fickle that way... This version is the Maydwell version, but you can still hear the original recorded guitar part on the last chorus.
  Dancing_With_Coqui Coqui is a tree frog native to Puerto Rico. Yes, those nature sounds you hear in the background are them.

Some of My Rock/Blues/Folk Tunes:

  Highway_High The lyrics to this song were written by Jamie Milgelcki of the band "Kitty Projectiles" a Montrose staple in the '80's. I added the music. Recorded by Hazard Street Band.
  Shame_Shame I wrote this song in the Texas Blues style of Stevie Ray shortly after he died.
  Cowboy's_Dream Wrote this while living on campus at UofH for a fellow dorm mate who drove a pickup truck with monster truck sized tires - get the picture? This version was recorded live at the Houston Coliseum during the 1986 Olympic Festival Hockey medal games. Performed by the Hazard Street Band during the halftime show.
  The_Dream Recorded by the Hazard Street band sometime in the '80s in some bar in Montrose (Houston, TX).
  Rockin'_Roll_Attitude Recorded by the KGB (Kick-A@@ Garage Band) in, wait for it... our bass player's garage.
  Sing_A_Song_of_Whales This was recorded at the UofH Spring Fest of 1978 where my band at the time, Windjam, opened for Kinky Friedman


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